Cyber Security Awareness Training (2024)

Cybergate's Cyber Security Awareness Training is an online, learn-at-your-own-pace training which provides employers and employees with a general understanding of the cyber threats they face in their everyday personal and professional life. Delivered by our experienced security experts, attendees will familiarise themselves with the latest attacks and techniques used in real-world scenarios and will be trained on how to identify and respond to these attacks should they become a target. The course covers, amongst others, hacking techniques such as Phishing and its variations such as Vishing and Smishing, Malware such as Ransomware and Spyware, Safe Internet Habits and Password Hygiene.

Course Outline
The following are some of the main topics covered during the training course:

  • Introduction to Cyber Attacks (real-world examples & analysis of each)
  • Social Engineering (Phishing, Vishing, Smishing, etc)
  • Malware & Ransomware
  • Safe Internet Habits (Passwords, Public Wi-fi hotspots, Malicious Apps, Safe Browsing, etc)
  • Password Hygiene (incl. 2FA/MFA)
  • IoT Devices
  • Sim Swapping
  • Removable Media
  • Clean Desk Policy

Training Outcome

By the end of the training course, attendees will: 

  • be able to recognise real-world attack vectors such as Social Engineering and Phishing attacks;
  • learn how to prevent cyber-related incidents and data breaches and
  • learn how to respond to a potential threat should they become a target.

A workforce which is cyber security aware helps in:

  • Preventing Data Breaches;
  • Preventing Reputational and Brand Damage;
  • Preventing Loss of Clients;
  • Preventing Loss of Revenue and
  • Improving the organisation's overall security posture.